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Welcome to McGrath!
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McGrath is located in the interior of Alaska.The only way to get here is by airplane, unless you’re crazy enough to drive a snow-machine or mush your dog team on the Historic Iditarod Trail. McGrath has a lot to offer if you are looking for the real Alaska experience with its true, cozy, rustic atmosphere. McGrath has a a safe, friendly small-town feeling and the added benefits of a CafĂ©, coffee shop, bars, public library, public radio, hotels/lodges/bunkhouse, churches, grocery store, museum, health clinic and today’s basic utilities - running water, steady electricity, internet, and (GCI only) cell phone service. We have 15 miles of dirt road with some of the most beautiful scenery. You can see the majestic Denali on clear days.

McGrath is located on an oxbow of the Kuskokwim river, which means it is a piece of land that is almost surrounded by river. McGrath is not heavily developed. Natural Alaska is right outside the front door. A lot of the times you will see beautiful moose right in town. (If you do see them please keep back they are can be extremely dangerous.) By being so close with nature it does allow people easy access to viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. Not many places are as close to the habitat and have the variety of animals as we do.

There are SO many different things to do all involving a love for the land. During our long-lasting sunset summer days, you can go boating, kayaking, canoeing. You can go hunting for great wooly mammoth bones, or whatever else that lays deep in the bountiful earth. We have many trails that go nowhere, but you can see many animals that live here from the lucky Ermines to the nerve wracking bears.

During our short days in winter months, we enjoy scenic snow machine rides to the neighboring villages, the gold mining community of Takotna and Native Village of Nikolai rich with culture. Nothing like the feeling of rosy cheeks and the smell of snow machine exhaust freshly stuck to your snow clothes! On late night rides you get to watch the northern lights dance overhead, while the stars and moon light your way.

If you’re looking for a life where rush hour is a 5 minute walk, where you can go to the store and home in 15 minutes without hitting a red light, if you have an insane love all four seasons and can stand some cold, if you would love for your children to know what freedom feels like, if you would like to go somewhere and truly be alone, if you would like to live off the land or live in a small town, then McGrath Alaska may be the place you want to visit or call home.

- Kimberly Wortman, Resident