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Winter Events

Iron Dog Race

The Iron Dog Race, in February, where it seems the town doesn’t sleep, and lives off the sweet smell of snow machine exhaust.


At the end of February/beginning of March, we have the Idita-sport event come through, where athletes follow the historical Iditarod trail either by foot, bicycle or skis.

Iditarod Sled Dog Race

One of the largest winter events that comes to McGrath is the Iditarod Sled Dog race that begins the first weekend in March.

Spring Event

Spring Auction

During the International Iditarod Sled Dog Race event, the community sure livens up with one of our favorite community fundraisers of the year, The Spring Auction, sponsored by our local Radio Station, KSKO 89.5 FM. There are hilarious prizes and some sweet “OMG” prizes, it is always a guaranteed good time.

Museum Dinner

On the same day as the Spring Auction, we also have the annual Museum Dinner, where locals prepare homemade dishes all from their Museum cookbook for others to enjoy.

Kuskokwim Ice Classic

We love to celebrate the return of the flowing river just like every other Alaskan. Buy your Kuskokwim Ice Classic tickets to guess the time when the ice breaks-up. Similar to the event held in Nenana, we have our own tripod on the river. A string tied to the battery of a clock is pulled out when the the ice moves and the tripod falls. If your guess is closest to the time the clockstops, you'll be the lucky winner! Tickets for the Kuskokwim Ice Classic are sold at the McGrath AC Store, McGuires Tavern and the Iditarod Trail Roadhouse. This fun, end-of-winter event, is an annual fund-raiser for the KSKO Public Radio Station.

Mother’s Day Potluck

To further celebrate the new season, we have a break-up/ Mother’s Day potluck, for ALL to enjoy! Thanks to Benny and Betty Magnuson!