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Biking / Hiking Trails

We have a road that leads out of town, 15 miles to nowhere, with some of the best breathtaking views. On clear days, about 10 miles out of town, you can even see The Great Denali mountain in the Alaska Range which one of North America’s tallest peaks. At the end of the road is a rock quarry called Noir Hill - hike to the top and see the mountain range from a different view but watch out for the hawks that live on the hill.  On this road you can use any transportation your heart desires; walk, bike, snowmachine, drive a scooter, ATV or a truck, and you may also want to bring some kayaks, canoes or blow-up rafts to check out our beautiful lake, a local swimming hole, that is out there too.  

In town, there are "Back Trails" that put you right in "the woods". These trails are quiet and beautiful any time of the year. 

McGrath has plans to expand the trail system to allow more access for recreation and transportation to food harvesting areas and neighboring communities. Watch for more from the McGrath CommunityTrails Plan