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Tourism (Visit Us)

There are many great things to do, beautiful sights to see, and some of the best people here in McGrath, Alaska. Everyone is greeted with a friendly wave, so don’t be alarmed -  just wave back! We are a remote community full of life, fun and epic lifestyles; a town where adventure is only as far away as the time it takes you to get ready – no matter the season.

McGrath has a grocery store to fill your basic needs, open 10am-7pm Monday- Saturday. There are a couple local bars if you’re into the night life. You will probably make some friends who are always up for a good adventure and may want to show you a glimpse into their epic lifestyle too! Our local CafĂ© is open daily if you’re wanting to eat out.  They have weekly specials plus Wednesday is Pizza Night and Friday is Steak Night at McGuire’s Tavern. Be sure to call ahead of time so that don’t miss one of these sweet specials - (907) 524-3331. We also have a Coffee shop, Lodge, Bed & Breakfast, Bunk house, public library, public radio station, clinic, museum, and a couple of churches.