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Veterinary Services

Alaska Native Rural Veterinary Services (ANRVS) are planning a trip to McGrath May 27th, 2021. Services are available free-of-charge to all pet owners. Veterinarians and technicians volunteer to provide medical services including, spay, neutering, vaccinations, deworming, nail trimming and other medical needs for our pets. Their COVID policy will be to call pet owners to schedule an appointment time. The Vet Clinic will be held in the same location as in the past at the McGrath School Wood Shop.

Alaska Air Transit and ANRVS will also help coordinate rescues for unwanted puppies and dogs. The animals will be flown to Anchorage for adoption. If you have animals for rescue, please provide that information on this form so arrangements can be made ahead of time.

Please share a huge THANK YOU to Alaska Native Rural Veterinary Services, Alaska Air Transit, Hotel McGrath and the McGrath School for donating everything needed to make this event possible for our community! Community donations are greatly appreciated and are used to help support the cost of this event.

If you have questions call Sarah in the City of McGrath office at 524-3825.

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