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911 System

Call 911 for Medical, Fire & Police Emergencies

Does everyone in your household know these procedures to make a 911 call?

McGrath's 911 uses a radio system, expect time delays when making a call. This system is necessary because cellular telephone service often drops calls in our area.

911 Calling Procedure in McGrath:

  • Dial 911
  • A message will quickly state:
  • “Dial 2 for medical; 3 for Fire.  Hang-up & dial 1-800-675-4398 for Troopers”
  • Make your selection: Dial 2  Medical, Dial 3 Fire or, hang-up and dial 1-800-675-4398 for Troopers
  • Expect a delay, wait…
  • You will hear a ‘CLICK”
  • Expect another delay, wait…
  • Someone will answer.   
  • State your phone number, your name, type of emergency and your location.

The McGrath 911 system connects with to a responder by radio. State your phone number first, in case the phone system drops your call. 

Even if you don’t hear anyone on the other line state your name, phone number, type of emergency and your location

The Responder can hear you and will call you back.

Aniak Troopers can be called directly at 1-800-675-4398.

Updated January 30, 2018