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Tonzona Ave closed to Through Traffic

Due to severe erosion and dangerous undercutting the river bank, Tonzona Avenue is closed to through traffic from Nelson Korn's to Benny's corner. Local access only by motor vehicles such as cars, trucks and 4-wheelers is at your own risk. Please use Chinana Avenue to access the downtown area. 

No sholder exists along Tonzona Avenue due to erosion from high water, high winds and strong wave action. The narrowed driving lane does not have a shoulder. Steep high cliffs exist at the edge of the road.  It is a danger for vehicles and pedestrians. The public should avoid using Tonzona Avenue.

Type of Closure: Closed to through traffic. Local Access only for cars, trucks and 4-wheelers. Use at your own risk.


Waste Oil Recycling at the City of McGrath

The City of McGrath Public Works is accepting clean, used motor oil for recycling. Bring containers of clean oil, without water or glycol, to the City Maintenance Shop behind the Cap’n Snow Center.  The oil will be used to heat the Shop with a new, waste-oil heater. This energy-efficient heater was purchased through a grant from the Alaska Energy Authority to reduce the City’s heating fuel costs.


A New Road Grader for the City

The City of McGrath recently obtained a road grader from the State of Alaska Department of Transportation surplus. This Champion is a “champ” at plowing snow and will keep the roads in better shape in the summer. The heated cab in this model makes work at 5am a little warmer for Tom Parker who is out early on snowy mornings plowing the roads.


The City of McGrath has earned the Platinum Safety Award

The City of McGrath has earned the Platinum Safety Award, the highest ranking annual safety award, by our insurer, the Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association. The City of McGrath constantly works to reduce safety risks and maintain a safe environment for our citizens, our employees and our visitors. Staff participate in monthly Safety Training and regular safety briefings.