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Water Plant

McGrath Water Plant
Drinking water in McGrath tastes great! The water source is the Kuskokwim River.  Raw water is pumped into teh McGrath Water Plant where it is settled, filtered and treated only with the minimal amount of chlorine required by law. Nothing else is added to our Alaskan water! (The community decided several years ago not to treat the water with flouride.)
The water system is constantly monitored and checked twice every day of the year. Every spring the City of McGrath sends the annual water report to our water customers. The State of Alaska oversees all public drinking water systems in the state and requires regular water testing. Test samples are shipped to a laboratory in Anchorage for analysis. 

Click here for 2016 Annual Water Report for McGrath, Alaska

Click Here for Sewer & Water Fees

City of Mc Grath Fee Schedule

Updated March 9, 2017

Water and Sewer Utility, City Services

Service Fee
Water Per Gallon Rate  

Water Base Rate   
 $0.02 (2 cents)

Sewer Per Gallon Rate

Sewer Base Rate up to 2000 Gallons
 $ 0.022 (2.2 cents)

Streetlights  $3 a month
Emergency Services $5
Landfill Residential

Public & Commercial

Senior Discount

$12 per 128 cu ft/4.74 cu yd. –pickup truck load

$0 - First bill after notifying the City of being 65     Discount will not be applied retroactively. Discount applies only to the primary residence of that individual. The discount is not available to associated business or residential buildings being rented or leased.
City Service $20
Billed to all residential, commercial and public properties not currently billed for City water services.

Labor Outside Working Hours, Time and a Half

Private Sewer Pumping Standard Summer

Private Sewer Pumping Standard Winter
$200 + Additional costs, labor, materials and equipment will be charged for non standard service; City staff will inform customer before proceeding.

$400 + Additional costs, labor, materials and equipment will be charged for non standard service; City staff will inform customer before proceeding.
Deposit for Water Service $300 – For Connection  
$500 – For Delinquent Properties after balance is clear
Permanent removal of service At cost
Water Service Connection Pipe From the Main and Materials FOB McGrath Materials Paid For up front from Public Works Estimate. Full Costs for work paid before service turned on, within 30 days of work completion. Thereafter interest of 0.015% a month charged on outstanding balance.
Unauthorized water use penalty
Unauthorized water use penalty    $200 plus costs
Opening city fire hydrants  other than for Fire Department $250
Scheduled water turn on or turn off during business hours At cost
Scheduled water turn on or turn off during non-business hours At cost
Relocating components At cost
Reconnection At cost
Return visit when necessitated by restricted access At cost
Service Connection Fee At cost
Return visits At cost
Valve turn on/off At cost
Water line location At cost

Office, Administration and Room Rental

Rental of Council Chamber
$25 Less Than 4 hours
$50 Half Day
$100 Full Day
$50 Cleaning Fee if required
$200 Minimum up to costs of repairs, if facility damaged
Photocopying .10 cents per sheet
Sending a Fax .50 cents per sheet
Document Scanning (PDF)    .50 cents per sheet
Public Records Request

Requests requiring over 5 hours research/work
.50 cents per sheet

Quote of costs on request

Document Preparation i.e. Quitclaim
$25 Less Than a Half Hour
$50 Half Hour
$75 One Hour
Returned Check Fee    $25 per check